The 350 race is slowly winding down, 2 more racers on the trail

The race in McGrath is slowly winding down. 2 more racers on the trail.

We started with 69 racers.

12 finished the 130 mile race at Winter Lake Lodge.

34 racers scratched this year due to cold temps, wind and a stomach flu affecting and taking out many racers.

7 are going on to Nome, 18 finishing the 350 mile race in McGrath. One skier left on the trail out of 2 that started, 4 runners, only 3 women finish the race out of 10 that started.

It definitely was a more Alaskan year and winter on the Iditarod Trail this year.

Kathi M.

This year was different, and real Alaska winter conditions.

It has been since 2012 since we had so many scratches. That year 30 inches of snow fell the first night and only 18 people finished in McGrath and nobody went to Nome that year. Since then our finishing rates have been over 90% almost every year.

This year was different, and real Alaska winter conditions.

We have not been able to to update on each and every scratch since we often did not have the information or did not know why. The number is 33 today. The reasons varied fromĀ frostbite, exhaustion, wind, and a stomach bug that has been going up the trail. It is the weather, the wind and the conditions in a wilderness Alaska setting and even with sat phones it is a lot of information to pass on. Everyone that scratched made it out on a bush plane. There was a 3 day delay for finishers and people that dropped out of the race at Winter Lake Lodge due to windy conditions. As a racers once said “It is what it is” and that is always very true in wilderness Alaska off the road system where you cope with what mother nature throws at you.
Thank you fans and families for being so very patient with us getting the information out there to you all over the world!!

We have 33 scratches

First runner David Johnston is 13 miles from the finish line in McGrath this morning.


We have 33 scratches . Check the Trackleaders leaderboard to see who has scratched. We have never had this many scratches in Rohn this far into the race. We are sending out another Regal Air bush plane to get 3 more racers out of Rohn this morning. The reasons mostly are frostbite and a flu that has been going up the trail. Kathi M.


Check the Trackleaders leaderboard to see who has scratched and is out off the race:


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