Tim B, Neil B and Jay P are in Rohn. Clinton Hodges and Pete B are only 3 miles out.

Clinton Hodges and Peter Basinger are closing in on Rohn, 3.5 miles out, nobody has left Rohn yet. Phil H. Adam E. and Kevin B are about to meet up with our film maker Kenton on the South Fork,still more than 25 miles from Rohn!

Defending champ in the foot division David Johnston from Willow has taken the lead again. He is 7 miles ahead of Grant Maughn and Kyle Durand!!

Fat bikers down to a log overnight in the Alaska Range


This morning race leaders Tim B. Neil B and Jay P are still 33 miles from Rohn. They all briefly stopped last night according to their trackers, but when Tim B passed up Jay and Neil, everyone was back to pushing their bikes again. It is a long slog through there so far. It will be interestingt o see if the South Fork of the Kuskokwim River will be rideable after all the new snow that fell yesterday. At race start Bill M was reporting from Rohn, that this part should be a good ride.


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