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I hope all of you are having a great summer. Kathi and I just finished our 3rd guided trip and first Alaska trip of the 2013 season. It was a great float on the Kokolik River in the western Brooks Range. Got to see a herd of musk ox with calves, bears and thousands of migrating caribou from the Western Arctic Caribou Herd.  We leave for Katmai tomorrow for the next trip. I am looking forward to the paddling and seeing the big coastal bears.

I have been accused (probably rightly so) of being slack on clarifying and enforcing the race rules several times in the past. To correct this and to help keep the race real and fair for everyone I have enlisted a rules committee of long time race veterans. They have clarified the rules and will investigate and make judgments  on claims of rule violations. Take a minute to read the revised rules. I still believe most of you don’t need rules and penalties just a few guidelines about the spirit of the race but time has proven to me that there are  the few who need more.

Just the other day we spent the longest day of the year in the arctic with the sun never setting just making a circle over our head but now the days are getting shorter and before we know it will be time for our annual get together on the Iditarod Trail.



  1. Leave no trace. Do not litter on the trail.
  2. GPS tracking devices, such as SPOT, are not allowed in the race.  Satellite phones and/or EPRBs are permitted.
  3. GPS units for navigation are permitted.
  4. All gear and clothing for the McGrath and Nome races must be carried from the start to the finish. Sending gear or clothing ahead, including but not limited to, socks, gloves, shoes, stoves, sleds, skis, tents, is not permitted.
  5. You may take any route you choose as long as you sign in and sign out at the required checkpoints to McGrath.  Required checkpoints include Yentna Station, Skwentna Roadhouse, Finger Lake Lodge, Puntilla Lake Lodge, Rohn, Nikolai and McGrath. Racers continuing to Nome must call in from Ruby, Kaltag and Nome on even-numbered years, and from Shageluk, Kaltag and Nome on odd-numbered years.
  6. No support crews.  Pacers, friends or family, other than another racer traveling with a racer on the trail, is prohibited.  Racers may not arrange for trail breaking by snow machine or persons outside of the race, nor may aircraft be used for communicating with racers.
  7. Media crews following an individual racer must be approved by the race directors and accompanied by an Alaska Ultra Sport guide.
  8. No outside assistance is permitted to transport a racer on or off the trail (no snow machine or airplane rides).
  9. Respect private property, Entering property posted with Ä‚Â¢Ă¢â€šÂ¬Ă…â€œNo TrespassingÄ‚Â¢Ă¢â€šÂ¬Ă‚Â signs is not permitted.  Entering locked cabins is not permitted.
  10. Drop bags are limited to ten (10) pounds for each of the drop points. Drop bags delivered by race management to Finger Lake and Rohn (Wolfkill Slough [even years for Nome racers] and Iditarod [odd years for Nome racers]).  Drop bags are for expendables only, including food, fuel, batteries, chemical handwarmers.  Extra clothing, shoes, gloves, tents and other gear are not permitted to be included in drop bags delivered by race management or forwarded by the racer to any point on the course.  Drops may only be forwarded to villages. Racers are not permitted to take support or have food or drop bags stashed or delivered to points on the course.  Racers are, however, permitted to share food. (Drop bags will not be returned to the racers).
  11. Racers are not permitted to take bikes, sleds or skis into checkpoints.
  12. Cyclists must start and finish with the same bike.
  13. Any deviation from these race rules, the spirit or philosophy of the race, or expected rules of fair play, as determined within the sole discretion of the race director, will be treated as a rule violation.
  14. Smiles, Thank-yous and tips are appreciated at all checkpoints.


  1. 4 days from start to Finger Lake CP
  2. 5 days from start to Puntilla CP
  3. 6 days from start to Rohn CP
  4. 10 days, 23 hours, 59 minutes, 59 seconds from start to McGrath
  5. 30 days, 23 hours, 50 minutes, 50 seconds from start to Nome

Missing cut-off times at Finger Lake, Puntilla or Rohn will not result in disqualification, but the racer will be responsible for their own food and lodging.


  1. Any racer violating any of these rules will be disqualified and will receive a DNF in the official results.
  2. Disqualified racers will not be permitted future entry into the ITI.

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