Amy Breen from Palmer leading the women’s field

Amy Breen from Palmer is our new women’s leader out of Puntilla and on her way to Rohn on the most brutal stretch of trail this year.
Unfortunately Kara Lackey scratched in Puntilla. It is a push/walk most of the way, 60 miles. Behind her are Missy Schwarz of Fairbanks and Jeny Curiak of Colorado, both rookies. Amy is a veteran, she completed the 350 last year.Amy is 16 miles ahead of Jeny and Missy.

18 racers between Puntilla and Rohn

hells gate anne ver hoef

image courtesey Anne Ver Hoef

There are 18 racers between Puntilla and Rohn a 65 mile stretch of trail with sugary snow and wind blown trails, slow for bikers and walkers allke and possibly taking racers 24 hours or more to cover this stretch of trail. The only year before the ITI used this route was in 2007, Usually we follow the Rainy Pass/Dalzell/Tatina route to Rohn.

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