Race Update – 27 February 2013

7 finishers have arrived in McGrath. All 7 of them shattering the previous record set by Pete Basinger in 2007. We are still waiting on defending champ Pete B. to arrive tonight. Rookie Eszter Horanyi is also on course shaving off several hours off Louise Kobin’s record set in 2011.

In the running division David Johnston is setting a blistering fast pace and far ahead of his closest competitors Joe Grant and John Logar and Eric Johnson.

6 time Nome finisher Tim Hewitt with his massive sled packed with food and fuel for 24 days is keeping pace with “regular racers”.

A strong women’s runner field including Loreen Hewiit, Anne Ver Hoef and Shawn McTaggert are steadily moving up the trail towards the halfway point in Puntilla at Rainy Pass Lodge. Anne checked into Puntilla at 15:20

While I was writing this Anchorage cyclist Brian Hartman has also finished in McGrath in 8th place.

Cyclists Ausilia and Sebastiano and Joe Grant and John Logar are expected in Rohn tonight.

Exciting day for the racers, fans us, everyone, record setting year.

Mild temperatures, little wind and good trails with a stacked field made it possible this year for all these racers.

Another record so far, no scratches 3 days and 7 hours into the race.

Will write another update in the morning.

Kathi M.

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