The 2013 (350 mile) race is a wrap for us

Howard Cook (Cookie) receives the red lantern award this morning and arrives in McGrath. Cookie’s time is under the 10 day time limit.

The 2013 (350 mile) race is a wrap for us with all 48 racers that started finishing in McGrath. This has been a great year for the Iditarod Trail Invitational race! New records, 48 finishers.

New overall record by Jay Petervary: 2 days 19 hours 16 min.( 67 hours 19 min)
New fastest women’s by Eszter Horanyi in her rookie year: 3 days 16 hours 20 min.
Fastest woman on foot: Anne Ver Hoef: 6 days 12 hours 20 min.(that is about 54 miles per day)
First time under the 3 day mark: for the first 5 racers, including 3 rookies!
Another record: No scratches in the 350!

Congratulations to all of you! Bill and I both wish we could spend more time with you all and listen to your stories.

Any write-ups, blogs, race reports,newspaper articles please e-mail us a link to it!

Nome racer update:

The conditions up the trail have been soft and punchy for bikers and runners. 3 cyclist are in Iditarod. They were heading back on the trail behind the Iditarod Trail breakers. Until today there was no trail beyond the ghost town Iditarod. Temperatures have been too warm, making trails punchy and slow. Racers on foot and bikers pushing their bikes tend to get blisters, trench foot and have foot issues. We wish them well and that the temps will cool off for them.

We expect the first bikers in Shageluk (the first place that is inhabited year round since Takotna) by tomorrow afternoon or evening. Howard Cook is evaluating his feet and will make a decision about continuing on to Nome by tomorrow. Shawn and Klaus are planning to leave in the morning and get back on the trail.

I spoke with my husband Bill Merchant in Rohn, the last mushers are through as well and he is taking down our Wall Tent, stove and cleaning up the site. His plan is to snow machine 200 miles back to Wasilla tomorrow.

The weather forecast doesn’t look good for the Alaska Range.

There is a high wind warning in effect with winds of up to 55 mph starting tomorrow through Friday.

We wish him and Terry Boyle (Iditarod checker) good luck on their journey back to town.

Kathi M.

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