Tim Hewitt wins men’s foot division to Nome

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In my last update I forgot to mention that despite traveling unsupported, pulling a 100 lb sled from the start, Tim Hewitt was 3rd overall and won the men’s foot division to Nome.

At 7:00 pm Marco Berni and Beat Jegerlehner arrived in second place in the men’s foot division under the burled arch in Nome. Their time corrected for the time change was 28 days and 4 hours. Congratulations Beat and Marco on a great finish. They dealt with strong winds and sub zero temperatures on their last leg from White Mountain to Nome. Behind them is Shawn McTaggart and Klaus Schweinberger pushing to get to Nome before the 30 day cut off for an official race finish. . Just as with the 10 day time limit to McGrath there is a 23 hour 59 minute grace period for the Nome race. Anything under 11 days to McGrath or under  31 days to Nome is considered an official race finish. Shawn left Elim at 4:00 am and Klaus left at 8:30. Here’s hoping the winds die down so they can enjoy the last leg of their amazing journey across Alaska. Go Shawn and Klaus!!!!!!!!

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