Drop Bag Points

You can send packages in advance to be held for you to the villages along the route.

Please address your package in the following manner:
General Delivery
Racer's Name
Zip, Town

Northern Route (2014) Southern Route (2015)
Drop Bag Point Zip Code Other Info Drop Bag Point Zip Code Other Info
McGrath 99627 Pen Air McGrath 99627 Pen Air
Cripple Air Drop Provided (max 10lb) Iditarod Air Drop Provided (max 10lb)
Ruby 99768 School, Store Shageluk 99665 School, Store
Galena 99741 School, Store Anvik 99558 School, Store
Nulato 99765 School, Store Grayling 99590 School, Store

Checkpoints & Drop Bags for Southern & Northern Route

Check Point Post Office ZIP Other Info
Kaltag 99748 School, Store
Unalakleet 99684 School, Lodge, Store, Airport, Piece on Earth Pizza
Shaktoolik 99771 School, Store
Koyuk 99753 School, Store
Elim 99739 School, Store
Golovin 99762 School, Store
White Mountain 99784 School, Store
Nome 99762 Full Service Town, Alaska Airlines

Mileages Northern Route 2016

Knik Lake Yentna Station 59 miles
Yentna Station Skwentna 33 miles
Skwentna Finger Lake 40 miles
Finger Lake Rainy Pass 35 miles
Rainy Pass Rohn 45 miles
Rohn Bear Creek Cabin 50 miles
Bear Creek Cabin Nikolai 30 miles
Nikolai McGrath 50 miles
McGrath Takotna 18 miles
Takotna Ophir 25 miles
Ophir Cripple 105 miles
Cripple Ruby 65 miles
Ruby Galena 52 miles
Galena Nulato 52 miles
Nulato Kaltag 42 miles
Kaltag Unalakleet 90 miles
Unalakleet Shaktoolik 40 miles
Shaktoolik Koyuk 58 miles
Koyuk Elim 48 miles
Elim Golovin 28 miles
Golovin White Mountain 18 miles
White Mountain Safety 55 miles
Safety Nome 22 miles